Penly EPR2: Green Light for Preliminary Work on Future Reactors

The decree concerning the environmental authorisation for preliminary construction work on two EPR2 reactors at the Penly site (Seine-Maritime) was published in the Official Journal on Wednesday, June 5th. EDF will now be able to begin initial groundwork on the site to accommodate the future reactors.

The decree authorising EDF to engage in preparatory work at the Penly nuclear power plant site to host the first two EPR2 reactors of Flamanville was published in the Official Journal on June 5th. EDF will not yet start work related to the reactor buildings, requiring a subsequent Creation Authorization (DAC). Concretely, the French electric utility will be able to start essential earthworks and coastal development.

In a LinkedIn post, the Interministerial Delegation for New Nuclear wrote: “Just over six months after receiving a positive opinion from the Environmental Authority, the attainment of the authorisation decree marks the crossing of another major milestone in the regulatory sequence of the Penly project.”

The Start of a Long Construction Process

This decree authorises several preparatory steps, such as:

  • Technical studies to conduct geotechnical surveys and hydrogeological analyses to ensure the viability of the soil and water resources.
  • Site development includes preparing the ground such as constructing temporary access roads necessary for the construction site, clearing, and works like earthmoving and reshaping of the cliff.
  • Temporary infrastructures such as base-life facilities for staff, with offices and temporary sanitary installations. The actual start of construction is expected by 2027.

The commissioning of the first unit is anticipated around 2035-2037. The two EPR2 reactors at Penly will be the first in a series of six reactors, and studies are underway for an additional eight EPR2 reactors. ■

By Sfen

Images: Penly power plant with the future location of the two EPR2s. ©EDF