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A scientific and technical community

Sfen (Société française d’énergie nucléaire) is the French crossroads of knowledge on nuclear energy. Sfen is a non-profit association of individuals. Founded in 1973, its mission is to develop the knowledge of all those interested in nuclear energy. The association brings together 3,600 professionals, engineers, technicians, chemists, doctors, professors, and students from French industrial sites and nuclear research organizations.

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Bringing curious minds into new thinking and debate about nuclear energy

Sfen’s ambition is to reflect on the place of nuclear energy in our shared future: this requires, for Sfen as for others, the ability to serenely confront points of view, to open up to different disciplines, to free oneself from preconceived ideas, to lead open discussions without detours. As a learned society, Sfen aims to enlighten the debate, stimulate minds, and advance the search for intelligent solutions.

As a scientific and technical community, Sfen has in its genes the questioning, the curiosity, the awakening to others and to change, and the bubbling up of ideas that makes progress.

Through its work, publications, events, and open-mindedness, Sfen offers to its members, those who share its vision, and beyond that, to all citizens, the possibility of looking at problems from a different perspective, even if it means shaking up their convictions.

It constantly brings a fresh look at nuclear energy, its actors, its issues, and its benefits.

Sfen is a place for free discussion and a crossroads of knowledge on nuclear energy. It leads and enriches a fruitful debate on the subject, with a permanent concern for intellectual rigor, without a militant spirit but with a taste for frank and respectful explanations that advance reflection and action. It is a priority to make its publications accessible without abandoning their quality.

It promotes French excellence in the nuclear field but is in constant dialogue with its foreign counterparts and other disciplines. It is a permanent resource of information for its expert audiences, decision-makers, and the general public, but also a channel for invigorating interactions.

Statutes of the association