EPR2 Penly: Environmental Authority Delivers Its Opinion

The independent authority has issued its opinion on the environmental impact of constructing two EPR2 reactors at the Penly site. It offers several recommendations ahead of the public consultation but identifies no deal-breakers.

On Thursday, November 9, the Environmental Authority released its initial opinion on the impact study for the construction project of the first pair of EPR2 reactors at the Penly site. The document does not address the project’s feasibility but aims to enhance its design and public information.

In its role, the Environmental Authority made several recommendations. It requested short-term additional information for the upcoming consultation on the preparatory work. However, most points concern the future operation of the EPR2 reactors, whose conditions will be reviewed during the examination of the Creation Authorization Request (DAC) as stipulated by the June 2023 nuclear acceleration law. Thus, the Environmental Authority’s remarks can be incorporated by EDF in a future update of the impact study.

In this opinion, the Environmental Authority did not question EDF’s approach and methodology, highlighting the “educational quality” of the document presented by the project owner. The independent entity noted significant improvements in EPR2 regarding water use, fluid, and gas management.

Regarding the following steps, EDF must submit a written response before the start of the public inquiry planned for the first quarter of 2024. The impact study update by 2025 will result in a second opinion from the Environmental Authority, subject to consultation and inclusion in the creation authorization dossier.■

The Sfen editorial team

Photo – Penly nuclear power plant ©EDF-Caraveo Marc