IEA report: nuclear’s “comeback

In a special report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) says that nuclear power is ready to make a “comeback” and that its capacity is expected to double between 2020 and 2050, helping to meet the world’s carbon neutrality challenges by that time. However, it will require strong support from governments and increased industrial performance.

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Nuclear energy and climate change mitigation: the NEA analysis

In a study on the role of nuclear power in mitigating global warming, the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) calculates that extending existing reactors and expanding the global fleet could save 87 gigatonnes of CO2 emissions. In addition, a wave of innovations in this sector would make it possible in the near-term and medium-term to replace part of the energy with a high rate of greenhouse gas emissions.

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IPCC Climate Change Mitigation Report

On April 4th, the IPCC released its third and final report on climate change mitigation measures. In this article, we present key insights from the energy sector, which has seen its emissions increase since the Paris Agreement despite efforts that should result in lower carbon intensity for energy systems. Nuclear energy is thoroughly, yet discretely documented in the IPCC report.

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Nuclear for Climate

A grassroots initiative for Climate

Nuclear for Climate is a grassroots initiative gathering over 150 associations with the goal of educating policymakers and the public about the necessity of including nuclear energy among the carbon-free solutions to climate change. It was co-founded by the ENS, the French Nuclear Society (SFEN) and the American Nuclear Society (ANS) in 2015, ahead of the COP21 conference in Paris.

The initiative brings together professionals and scientists of the international nuclear community, coordinated via regional and national nuclear associations and technical societies. The international community recognises the urgent need to decarbonize electricity generation to protect people and the planet from air pollution and climate change.

Nuclear for climate actions

Since 2015, over 150 nuclear associations have shared the declaration messages via social media, and the twitter account reached over 300,000 tweet impressions around the world. The award-winning grassroots communications campaign was retweeted by high-profile news publications such as the NY Times, NBC and ABC news.

Nuclear for Climate has a global presence on social media and in-person. There have been delegations at international conferences, such as the United Nations COP 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, and soon, COP 27 where activists promoted nuclear energy as a key player in negotiations around climate change. The delegation also hosted side events, flashmobs and participated in panel discussions with representatives from environmental NGOs, the IAEA and national delegates.

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