The launch of a public debate on new nuclear reactors in France

As part of the public debate on the new EPR nuclear reactor program, which is due to begin at the end of the month, the National Commission for Public Debate has put the project owner’s file and the website online.

The public debate on the new nuclear reactors program will start at the end of October and end at the end of February. It follows EDF’s referral of the National Commission for Public Debate (CNDP) after the President of the Republic’s announcements in Belfort on February 10. Emmanuel Macron presented a major energy plan, including a program to build 6 to 14 EPRs in France.

This debate has a local dimension, with the project to build a pair of reactors at Penly in Seine-Maritime, and a national dimension, with the industrial program of three pairs of reactors proposed by the industry. This public exchange is an essential step in launching the construction of the next nuclear reactors. Indeed, EDF must integrate the conclusions of this public debate into its request for authorization to build (DAC).

Beyond this program, the National Commission for Public Debate (CNDP) hopes that the conclusions of this debate will enrich the future energy and climate programming law (LPEC), which Parliament must vote on before the end of July 2023.

A project that the general public can consult

Initially, citizens are invited to obtain information by consulting the project owner’s file (DMO) or its summary version. Several dates are planned throughout the country to participate in the discussions, and a participatory platform will be open at the consultation launch on October 27.

Lastly, several key events will punctuate the debate and allow the public to attend. This series will begin at the launch of the public discussion, in Dieppe and at the Senate, on October 27.

Published on 18 October 2022

By Thomas Jaquemet

Photo : ©CNDP