French fuel price cap: nuclear power protects the population against the energy crisis

The rise in energy costs in Europe is massive, but France is doing somewhat better than its European neighbours. The French government has decided to put in place a strict price cap called a “tariff shield”, a political decision made possible only by the competitiveness of nuclear power production.

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Stress Corrosions: The ASN validates EDF’s control program

No new shutdowns are required on the French nuclear power plants. The program of non-destructive ultrasonic tests proposed by EDF to monitor the phenomenon of stress corrosion in the French nuclear fleet has been validated by the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN). All the reactors will be checked by 2025.

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Decoding: what is the economic value of nuclear power plant?

While EDF has presented half-yearly results in loss and the State initiates the takeover of the company’s entire capital, some people denounce the economic weight of nuclear power. In reality, the atom is the foundation of stability that allows France to benefit from cheap electricity, finance the tariff shield, or limit the country’s energy costs linked to the gas price crisis.

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